Our juice recipes and programs are tried and tested favorites from our years of personal juicing experience – tweaked, improved and signed off by professional nutritionists. We have also tapped on the talent and services of experienced chefs to whip up appetizing and nutritious menus that would compliment our juice programs.

We adopt a special grind and press method made possible by using the Norwalk Juicer, one of the industry’s best triturator-hydraulic press juicer. Our juicing process slowly, gently and completely extracts the natural vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, and other vital elements found in the fruits and vegetables. This results to an extremely fine quality and flavor which is unequaled by any other method of juice extraction.

Our juices come in unique raindrop shaped BPA-free PET bottles.

All juice bottles must be placed in refrigeration at all times. The Jab bag is to help transport the juice bottles from one ref to another when you are on the go that is why it is designed to carry at most 6 bottles only, the most that you will need for a day.

As soon as you receive your juice bottles, remove them from the Jab bag and store them in the ref. The most ideal location for your juice bottles would be at the back of the ref and farthest from the door where the temperature is the most consistent. Make sure that the temperature is between 1-4C, anything lower will freeze the juice and anything higher will shorten the shelf life of the juice.


A Jab is a cleansing program that will have you taking juices instead of eating meals.

Our body is constantly exposed to toxins through our diet, lifestyle and the environment we live in. Sometimes, we just take in more bad than the body can normally flush out that we need to give our body the time to catch up.

A Jab helps in this recovery process by introducing only the good stuff, in liquid form, into our system. It gives the digestive system its much needed rest and allows the body to divert its energy to flushing out toxins. You may find more details here.

There are 3 Jab intensities to choose from – Mild, Moderate and Strong – depending on your readiness and capacity to cleanse as well as your desired outcome.  You can work your way up or jump straight to the stronger Jabs. You may find more details here.

The Mild Jab includes 2 500ml Single Jabs, the Moderate Jab includes 4 500ml Single Jabs and the Strong Jab includes 6 500ml Single Jabs per day.

You may find the Single Jabs included in each Jab here.  The set of Single Jabs included in each Jab is carefully formulated by our nutritionists and is designed to give you the most effective cleansing experience.  You may, however, choose to customize your own Jab by ordering individual Single Jabs.

A Jab is primarily a juice cleansing program intended to give your digestive system a rest and allow it to flush out the toxins. There are usual cases of weight loss, but that's just a happy side effect and not a guaranteed one. What is more beneficial in the long run is to get into the habit of regular cleansing to maintain a healthier you.

You will know when is best; you will feel the need. When your body has been exposed to too much unhealthy food and drinks, it is most ideal to do a juice cleanse. Usually this happens post holidays, trips, events, parties etc. We recommended to make cleansing a habit by doing it once a month.

If you are new to juice cleansing, you can take a Jab at least every other week until you feel fully cleansed. On-going, we recommend to cleanse once a month.

No, we don’t recommend to do a juice cleanse while you are pregnant or nursing, when during this time you are eating for you and your baby.  Single Jabs, however, are perfect supplements to your mommy diet as they are pure fruits and vegetables.

There are also pregnant moms who find it easier to introduce fruits and vegetables into their diets in liquid form. Some just find the Single Jabs more convenient to ensure and monitor regular fruits and vegetables intake.

No, we don’t recommend to do a juice cleanse if you have diabetes since some of the Single Jabs that make up the cleanse are made of fresh fruits which contain natural sugar.

The juice cleanse may have an impact on the way prescription drugs react in the body. As such, please consult with your doctor first.

A day before your juice cleanse, try to keep intake of non-fruits and vegetables to a minimum. Stay away from processed, salty, sweet and oily food, as well as alcohol, carbonated and caffeinated drinks. Take a good night ‘s sleep.

Your bottles are labeled infront in the order of how it should be consumed.

If you are on a Mild Jab:
Day 1 > 1st Meal: 1, 2
Day 2 > 1st Meal: 1, 2
Day 3 > 1st Meal: 1, 2
(and so on ...)

If you are on Moderate Jab:
Day 1 > 1st Meal: 1, 2; 2nd Meal: 3, 4
Day 2 > 1st Meal: 1, 2; 2nd Meal: 3, 4
Day 3 > 1st Meal: 1, 2; 2nd Meal: 3, 4
(and so on ...)

If you are on Strong Jab:
Day 1 > 1st Meal: 1, 2; 2nd Meal: 3, 4; 3rd Meal: 5, 6
Day 2 > 1st Meal: 1, 2; 2nd Meal: 3, 4; 3rd Meal: 5, 6
Day 3 > 1st Meal: 1, 2; 2nd Meal: 3, 4; 3rd Meal: 5, 6
(and so on ...)

Your juices should be consumed within 3 days after the day of delivery/pick-up. We are not able to guarantee freshness after this period as it is highly dependent on the storage/refrigeration the juice has been exposed to.

Drink water to shoo away the hunger. If you are really craving for something solid, please limit additional intake to fruits or vegetables (ideally not cooked).
You can only eat fruits and vegetables (ideally not cooked) during meal times when you are allowed to take solids. You can and should drink as much water as possible in between meals to keep hydrated.

The amount of juice in the program will allow you to adequately function with your normal schedule and activities. However, rest and relaxation is key to give you the best experience so we strongly suggest to pass on excess activities that will take up more of your energy.

Rest and relaxation is strongly suggested to give you the best experience during a juice cleanse. If you must, please limit to light/moderate exercises.

No. Since the primary objective of the juice cleanse is to flush out the toxins from your body, it is counter-productive to introduce more toxins by smoking.

The effect of cleansing will vary as each body responds differently. The most common way the body gets rid of the toxins is by dumping it out via your bowel. Some might also see it on the skin or sweat. Some might experience headaches, tiredness and irritability. These are positive signs that your body is working on expelling the toxins.

Introduce fruits and vegetables to your regular diet. Stay away from processed, salty, sweet and oily food, as well as alcohol, carbonated and caffeinated drinks. Make Juice Jab part of your lifestyle by doing a Jab once a month!


A Jolt is an enhancement program that will have you taking juices as supplement to your meals.

When you have done your body good, you do not need a complete reboot. Some parts may just need an additional boost for the whole to function at its best.

Each Jolt includes the optimum combination of fruits and vegetables to help achieve a targeted result.  Some Jolts are also specifically designed to prepare for or recover from activities or events outside one’s normal routine.  Jolts can also be taken as pre or post-Jab programs to maximize the effectiveness of your cleanse. You may find more details here.


Our Single Jabs contain pure juiced fruits and vegetables – no artificial additives, preservatives and sweeteners – just 100% freshly pressed goodness.  All fruits and vegetables are sourced locally and are bought fresh just in time for juicing.  You may check out the ingredients used in each Single Jab here.

Single Jab 250ML (kcal) 500ML (kcal)
Amber Power 100 200
Bronze Bump 175 350
Citrine Swipe 75 150
Coral Burst 120 240
Emerald Punch 70 140
Garnet Grab 185 370
Gold Strike 60 120
Jade Jab 35 70
Opal Force 50 100
Pearl Drive 170 340
Peridot Kick 70 140
Platinum Hit 55 110
Quartz Beat 80 160
Ruby Hook 70 140
Topaz Swing 70 140



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No. Juice Jab is only available in the Philippines.

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No. We only accept orders done online following our Order Guide here.

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