“I did the 3-day juice cleanse. At 500 ml per bottle, 6 bottles a day, well worth the price. The juices were delicious, well-thought out combinations, and extremely filling. I felt so refreshed. Also, delivery service was prompt, communication friendly. I look forward to the next cleanse!”

Ananda T.

“Once in a while we need to cleanse out our system and flush out some of those unwanted toxins. I prefer Juice Jab because not only is it affordable, it was also a great experience for me. It helped me become more hydrated. Thank you Juice Jab for my first juicing experience!”

Maria G.

“Being a mother-to-be takes a lot of things to handle and to worry, and one of the best things that Juice Jab helped me is to ensure I am taking enough vegetables and fruits for me and my baby, this made me worry less while enjoying every sip of delicious healthy drink.”

Regina B.

“I am really happy with my Juice Jab experience. I crave less junkies, feel icky when I see salty and oily food and I’m able to take more veggies and fruits. I also lost 5 kilos during my 3-day program. Thank you Juice Jab!”

Grace E.

“I lost 8 lbs in just a span of 3 days! I’ve surveyed all other juice products and this gives me the highest quality over price. Definitely coming back for more!”

Pauline F.

“After completing the Mild Jab, I lost 2% of my body weight and felt healthier and lighter. I have difficulty eating vegetables but found Emerald Punch, containing celery and spinach, really good. I also tried the different Jolts – I just couldn’t get enough of these drinks!”

Paz C.

“My erratic schedule gave me little room to stick to a healthy diet. All the craziness left my body feeling bloated and heavy so I figured it was the perfect time to detox. I did Juice Jab’s 3-day cleanse and IT WAS GREAT! I lost 6 lbs, my bowel movement became more regular, and my sleep was deeper and more restful. Juice Jab is one of the healthiest choices you can make for yourself!”

Patricia L.

“I tried Juice Jab as a way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in my lifestyle. I was prepared to drink weird or funny tasting juices but I am pleasantly surprised that the juices actually tasted good!”

Lalaine C.

“If you want to start juicing but don’t know quite know where or how to begin, Juice Jab would be an excellent way to start. Even intermediate juicers will find benefit from their selection. The kits and even their Single Jabs are reasonably priced for the amount of juice you get and there is a sufficient selection of juices to appeal to almost everyone. The prices are all laid out clearly and you can combine kits and Single Jabs to address different needs if you are juicing together as a family.”

Ruth Y.

“I ordered Single Jabs first and loved the taste of Coral Burst and Pearl Drive! Then being really into juicing, I tried the Mild Jab – it worked for me! My bowel movement regulated and it also flushed the toxins. I feel more alive and hydrated! Thank you Juice Jab!”

Mary Rose V.

“I’ve been having irregular bowel movement for a couple weeks, and it was so bad that I would have to take senna teas to try and keep regular. I decided to try Juice Jab to decrease my dependency on the senna teas. I noticed that I had bowel movements after the first day alone. I’ve been integrating juices in my diet since. Thanks Juice Jab!”

Madeleine S.

“I am very pleased with the effects of Juice Jab – I was able to improve my bowel movement, and it also helped me lessen unnecessary cravings. The flavors also are very refreshing and tasty!”

Mary Grace G.

“The first thing I was attracted to was the cute bottle which led me to the very informative website. I am used to drinking green smoothies which I make on my own. But of course, buying these fresh juices and having them delivered is very convenient. Because the juices all taste good & are very nutritious, two weeks after my Moderate Jab, I ordered Jolts this time for 4 of us and some Single Jabs we have not tried yet. After the Jab, my body felt way better and energetic. Juice Jab is really highly recommended!

Jillian S.

“For first timers like me and for someone who is not fond of veggies, I suggest you try Juice Jab. It is not difficult, it tastes good and healthy!”

Vivian S.

“All my officemates were amazed by the results. I asked my sister to try it too and she actually liked it! Now my nephew and other girlfriends want to try Juice Jab too!”

Irene C.

“Since it was my first juice detox I was really hesitant. I ended up happy and feeling light. I told my husband about it and he’s going to try Juice Jab too!”

Maria Cristina M.

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