Soup Pairs are well-balanced diet programs consisting of complete and properly portioned soup and juice pairings to help you achieve your health goals. This all-liquid program not only helps you lose weight but it also gives you the benefits of cleansing on the side. 

To ensure that your complete (both solids and liquids) dietary intake is holistically designed, prepared and calorie-counted – it is most ideal to get it from a single source.

There are 3 soup and juice pairs provided per day, with 1200kcal, 1500kcal and 1800kcal options. Soup Pairs can be ordered per day, as often as you like! Order the full week and get to try the full range of our Single Jabs!

MONDAY Sweet Potato and Broccoli & Amber Power Mushroom and Red Rice & Gold Strike Rustic Vegetable & Opal Force
TUESDAY Creamy Pomodoro & Quartz Beat Lentil and Vegetable & Pearl Drive Onion and Thyme & Coral Burst
WEDNESDAY Cauliflower and Leek & Emerald Punch Summer Vegetable & Ruby Hook Chicken and Corn Chowder & Citrine Swipe
THURSDAY Pumpkin and Carrot & Jade Jab Chicken Noodle Soup & Bronze Bump Minestrone & Garnet Grab
FRIDAY Kale and Apple & Topaz Swing Chicken Enchilada & Platinum Hit Split Pea and Ham & Peridot Kick

* menu does not vary per week