“Superb customer service and the juices taste good!”

Paige C.

“My experience with Juice Jab was very good. Not only were their juices very good and affordable, the customer service was very accommodating as well. I will definitely order again!”

Josie Marie I.

“Juice Jab taught me proper discipline for my body and to eat healthy food. Next I will try the Moderate Jab!”

Paola P.

“I was hospitalized for 5 days because of multiple joint infection secondary to gout. I thought I will never regain my normal gait pattern because of sudden episodes of pain I experienced but with the help of Juice Jab I was able to lose weight and maintain a proper diet. Now I’m pain free… can’t wait to see my doctor to tell him the progress!”

Joel M.

“I’ve tried other juicing companies but Juice Jab suits my taste best! Each Single Jab has a unique taste!”

Grace P.

“I’m not a veggie and fruit eater and I don’t drink water that much also, but after taking Juice Jab i now eat fruits and veggies. Most of all, I’m now drinking plenty of water! I agree to the testimonials I read before, you will feel full but not bloated! Level up, love your self and take Juice Jab!”

Marie Bernadette B.

“I wasn’t excited to do my first cleanse but gotta admit that the packaging was enticing and when I tried the Mild Jab, I just couldn’t believe that I would like the idea and taste of it. I’m still learning to love the celery but hey, you can’t have it all! Highly recommended for first timers!”

Malen D.

“I tried the Mild Jab and for first timers out there, this is a great way to start your juice cleanse. The juices are good tasting and in no way discouraging. So stop browsing and go try it yourself!”

Alex V.

“Do your body good and try Juice Jab at least once – you’ll be hooked after that!”

Cynthia S.

“I’m a first timer and I appreciate the amount of help and service Juice Jab provided before and even after the sale. I also super liked that they packaged the juice bottles in an insulated bag with ice pack that can both be re-used. I’m ready for the Moderate Jab next time!”

Louie M.

“This was a great juice cleanse experience! The juices tasted really good, and I can feel that they are packed with 100% goodness as they didn’t feel watered down. The bottles are cute and handy too. I would likely do this again!:

Richmond E.

“It is without a doubt that the people behind Juice Jab really care about their customers because 1) it is not very expensive 2) perfectly labeled bottles 3) transport bag 4) taste of the juices are really good. I’ve been recommending this to my family and friends!”

Marivic M.

“I got prompt response in email and sms – good customer service! They are friendly and easy to talk to though I wish they could have an accessible store. I’m happy with the packaging and the product itself – no pulp and just juice!”

Lujene L.

“My first day on Strong Jab was like hell on earth and I really wanted to eat solid food. But I already felt something in my system which I know was for the better. After 3 days, I felt light and I no longer felt the urge to eat a lof of solids. Juice Jab definitely works!”

Ramzen R.

“For 3 days my discipline was put to test but the cleanse was worth it with Juice Jab. Now I’m totally detoxed and I feel like I got a new palate – lesser cravings for sweets and wanting more fruits and veggies. It’s a great way to start healthy eating!”

Maria Angelica M.

“Doing the cleanse was the break my body needed. After doing the Moderate Jab, I have less cravings for fast food and I look for more fruits and vegetables. This will definitely become a habit of mine!”

Isabel I.

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