“Detoxing can be so addicting … Juice Jab is love!”

Joanna Marie S.

Juice Jab is a great option for people who would like to start that healthier lifestyle. If you find the packaged Jabs a bit too restrictive, the Single Jabs are there for you to try out your preferred program!

Natalie P.

“It really works! I lost 2lbs on the first day alone, using the Mild Jab. You also feel a lot cleaner and lighter, without any bloat. It was a challenge but it was definitely worth it!”

Steph P.

“Juice Jab has such cute bottles that I still use up until today! It helped me break my weight loss plateau. I felt lighter and I don’t crave for oily food that much. I’d definitely recommend this to be a monthly thing!”

Sheila G.

“For a first timer like me, I never thought I can do it for 3 days – just drinking 18 juice bottles and eating fruits and vegetables only! I feel light and good. Truly an amazing experience. Thanks Juice Jab!”

Gigi E.

“It was easy to drink, thanks to the yummy flavors! Im doing the Moderate Jab next! Discipline is key to fight the usual junk food craving!”

Anna R.

“Detox sounded tedious and stressful but with Juice Jab, the experience was very encouraging. It definitely helped me feel loads cleaner (and lighter), become energized, and even develop a healthier eating habit. Thanks Juice Jab!”

Cecille C.

“Juice Jab met all my expected results! The servings were enough to keep me full for each replaced meal. I no longer feel bloated and it made me more aware of how much food my body really needs per meal. It just works!”

Corazon T.

“I encourage everyone to be healthy, and drinking Juice Jab is a great way to start. Juice Jab is worthy of your time, money & sacrifice!”

Carla A.

“It was my first time to try cleansing and I’m glad I did it with Juice Jab. The idea of these juices being delivered to your doorstep is just excellent and convenient especially for those who want to save themselves from the hassle of juicing in their homes, like me. Thank you Juice Jab!”

Danica R.

“My 4th cleanse & tried Juice Jab for this round. My most favorite to date! I actually look forward to drinking the juices. Love the pretty teardrop shape of the bottles too.”

Isabel D.

“My meal replacement worked! I still feel energetic even just being on Juice Jab. I feel light without feeling sluggish at all!”

Maribel R.

“I’m a Juice Jab first timer (did the Mild Jab!) and I enjoyed the 3 days of healthy juicing. I hardly crave for my usual fast food and coffee intake. It was a great experience. I will try the Moderate Jab next time!”

Gemmalyn T.

“Juice Jab trains your body to learn to eat more fruits and vegetables. It is a back to basic eating lifestyle. It is a great cleansing experience and losing a kilo or two is just a plus!”

Jun O.

“Juice fasting is not for the faint of heart! It is a tough course but very well worth it. My favorite was the Gold Strike! Juice Jab will definitely hear from me again soon.”

Therese L.

“Juice Jab is a good way to jump start your diet. It is an excellent way to detox to get rid of toxins from our often poor and unbalanced diet. I would confidently recommend the Juice Jab experience to my family and friends!”

Mary Grace C.

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