“I was not a fan of eating fruits and veggies but I still tried the Strong Jab. Strictly no food and 18 Juice Jab bottles later, I lost 8 lbs on my 3rd day!”


“Being a nursing mom, you’re very particular with what goes in your body. I heard of Juice Jab, read up and was glad to find information for mothers like me. I was more than glad to have renewed my system with fresh, great tasting juices!”

Christine E.

“I highly recommend the cleanse. You may need a lot of discipline and motivation, which is easy to say but if you are a strong person, you can do it. I am doing another cleanse next month. I loved this experience!”

Irene E.

“It is a refreshing feeling knowing that a person can actually just drink juice for sustenance. Feels rewarding!”

Elizabeth D.

“I am very happy I discovered Juice Jab. My skin improved and I lost weight too because I don’t crave for junk foods. It’s going to be my monthly habit!”

Mylene A.

“It was my first time to go on detox. I thought it would be difficult to go for the Strong Jab right away but Juice Jab made it easier. I will definitely do it again!”

Valerie D.

“I’m happy to have known about Juice Jab. it is my first time to try juice cleansing and it exceeded my expectations – very affordable and really cute packaging too! I’m definitely going to have more of Juice Jab!”

Rio T.

“More than the weight loss, it’s really about taking care and being conscious of one’s health. Going thru the Mild Jab was not as hard as I expected, everyone should give it a try!”

Danielle N.

“I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the juices were so refreshing! It was perfect for the heat wave we’ve been experiencing. More than its cleansing effect, I also use the juice to ensure that I get the right amount of fruits and vegetables in my daily diet.”

Monica L.

“Juice Jab has changed my perspective on the pursuit to a clean and healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating, or better yet drinking, has never been this fun until I learned about Juice Jab. I certainly would like my family to try this out. After all, our health is our wealth.”

Elaine D.

“The Mild Jab helped improve my bowel movement and lessened my food cravings.  I promise to have Juice Jab on a regular basis. Its an investment for my health!”

Agnes R.

“Highly recommended! It was a good cleansing experience and a good way to kickoff my planned diet. A good way to beat the summer heat as well. Take it ice cold, and you’ll love it even more!”

Yna T.

“Juice cleansing is very new to me but Juice Jab made the experience easier. It was fun drinking those blended fruits and veggies. I felt full and I did not binge on food during the cleansing period!”

Dyan S.

“I’m so happy I finally decided to try Juice Jab. It definitely helped my body cleanse from all the bad food and alcohol I’ve been taking in. Juice Jab is definitely your trusted partner for cleansing!”

Ina M.

“On the very first day my colon was cleansed almost immediately.  I also felt fuller unlike the other juices I tried before. I never felt I was depriving myself from food, and did not have any headaches at all. At the end of the day our experiences from juicing vary. For me, I never felt as clean as before. Thanks to Juice Jab!”

Margie L.

“It was my first time to do a detox.  I thought I will have a hard time but it was easier than I expected.  On the 3rd day, somebody noticed that I have a different aura!  Thanks Juice Jab!”

Danica B.

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