“Juice Jab was a great experience! Just after the first day, I already felt light because of the waste and toxins that were expelled.  I’m going to buy again.  Cleansing for a better life – I love Juice Jab!”

Mark S.

“I took Juice Jab primarily for my general well-being and hopefully to jumpstart my weight loss.  I’m on my last day and so far, it’s been so good! I’m still breast-feeding my son so I just made sure to drink  more water to keep my milk supply up.  More power to Juice Jab!”

Doanne D.

“I reaped the fruits of my labor (pun intended) in 3 days! I literally felt clean inside and out!”

Grace F.

“Comparing Juice Jab with my previous drinks – from the courteous and very responsive Juice Jab Team to the cute bottles – I’m sticking with Juice Jab! Thanks a lot Juice Jab!”

Anna G.

“Detox can be hard, but I must say, Juice Jab makes it a lot easier! I actually find it addicting already – from the Mild Jab to the Moderate, now I am ready to take the next level.  The lighter feel inside out is really worth it!”

Katrina F.

“Juice Jab is a great way to detox and cleanse the body from all the toxins accumulated overtime. I loved the taste of the juices and would definitely order again. After the third day, I felt a lot lighter and refreshed!”

Kim C.

“I’ve always been brave trying out different detoxes and none if it that I ever enjoyed except for the post effect. Then I tried Juice Jab and I love it – literally everything about it – from the bottles to the actual juices and the not feeling hungry! Post effect was perfect too as I lost 3lbs and felt very light and refreshed!  Thank you Juice Jab!”

Junela F.

“The Mild Jab left me wanting for more! I definitely felt better and lighter. No more bloated feeling after eating. I suggest you do a detox once in a while to flush out toxins, this was really the healthy boost that I needed!”

Zheena F.

“I made Juice Jab as a healthy headstart for weight loss and it didn’t fail me! I lost a total of 2kg in 3 days with the Strong Jab … hardcore baby!”

Pia C.

“I strongly encourage everyone to try Juice Jab and let it be part of your lifestyle. The product is not expensive but has the same effect in cleansing. You will also enjoy the flavors. More power to Juice Jab! Keep inspiring & helping everyone to live a healthy lifestyle.”

Yvette B.

“Juice Jab is a great way to feel cleaner and lighter specially after the holidays! It might be difficult at first when you’ve never done it before but believe me it’s worth the try!”

Holly Q.

“I’m glad I heard and tried Juice Jab! I thought the Mild Jab was going to be hard to handle since the ingredients were not in my regular ‘menu’, but the transition from solid to liquid intake was surprisingly easy and tolerable. Thanks for giving us a healthy way to cleanse!”

Maria Fe D.

“I decided to try Juice Jab to help clear my skin from the inside. I wasn’t expecting a miracle but to my surprise, my skin dramatically improved by the second day! Aside from that, Juice Jab helped get rid of the extra bloat that I was carrying. At the end of the cleanse, I definitely felt lighter and cleaner.”

Zayne S.

“I did the 3 day cleanse soon after the holidays and on the 2nd day I already felt less sluggish and less bloated. The juices never made me feel hungry and at the end of my cleanse I was ready to eat clean plus weighed 3 lbs less!”

Jeanne F.

“I would gladly recommend Juice Jab to family and friends.  This motivates me to be more health conscious and to have an active lifestyle. Thanks to Juice Jab! I’ll order again soon!”

Larraine S.

“I was a bridesmaid for a wedding and I took the jab 2 days before, Juice Jab made me feel confident to fit into my dress being sure that the toxins have been eliminated from my body and have glowing skin as a bonus. Definitely doing the jab again especially that the holidays are fast approaching”

Abby G.

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